A Visit From Zeus (and Phil)

Our day with Zeus started out uneventfully. After worrying about how early Zeus would show up, the woman didn’t set her alarm for the usual time, thinking she would sleep in. Georgia set her straight by pushing her nose in her face two minutes past the alarm time. It was fortunate as I had only had time to lick three paws before the bell rang and Zeus was there. Gemini didn’t have a moment to show him her favorite perch before Phil was at the door to send us around Seattle.

I of course got to solve the first clue and I appreciate the Amazing Race in a way I hadn’t before. Obviously Phil is a fan of mine!

Gemini had fun at the Space Needle. Georgia nearly cost us our whole $200 at Starbucks but fortunately she got lucky. She needs to watch that tail. At the end of the day we went to Pike’s Place Market where these men were throwing fish around. I caught a large one. The woman is upset with me. However, did anyone really expect that I *wouldn’t* catch a fish? And why is that wrong? I’m sure past presidents have all gone fishing. Why is it wrong when I do it?


  1. Chey, I just hope that your theft of the fishie doesn’t come back to haunt you during your presi-den-shul run. you know how the press can be! – Sammy – Future king of the internet.

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