What is Going on Here?

Okay after the pizza thing, I thought I would calm down and take things slowly.  Last night the man came and got one of those roller things and rollled it around on the bed because he said my fur was all over his side of the bed.  Well DUH. I rolled around there for as long as I could, which was until the woman forced me to jump off as she put covers all over the sheets, so why would he expect that there wouldn’t be fur?

And what does he mean by taking it off?  I made that bed side nice and comfortable.  It was my way of saying that I am starting to accept him as part of my household. He has permission to feed me whenever he wants.   I’ll even put up with his stupid rule that cats shouldn’t walk on the counter tops.   This act is just insulting.

Do I brush his fur off my sleeping places? Do I demand that the woman change the sheets after he has smelled them up?  I am a saint here.   He is just rude.

I think we should return him to the human shelter.


  1. The man needs more training. Mommy has given up on cleaning the fur off the bed daily. She just puts efurryfing in the washing monster once a week. Daddy sneezes when there’s too much fur on the sheets or couches. He says he’s ‘lergik to us, so we maded him go werk 300 miles away and only come home on weekends after Mommy has washed the blankets and quilts.

  2. Uh, can we safely assume that this guy was not a “cat” person before he met you? Obviously he needs educating about what happens in YOUR house! Just keep at it…eventually the lesson will be learned.

  3. Chey

    The man needs to be trained!
    Tell your Momma on him!


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