What I Need in a VP

I need a cat who compliments me.  The problem is I am so used to being on my own, that I am darned near perfect.  I have had one nibble on my vice presidential search but I’m not sure that he will work out at all. He seems to think that serving himself first is an option, when of course, you know that I will be the picture of selflessness, as only Siamese can.  Also he is not a Siamese.

I need someone with flair.  I need someone who cares about issues that I don’t really care about. I also need someone who is above reproach. These rumors of Canadian Meezers could be bad for my reputation. I did live in Vancouver, but that was in Washington, not BC but people are so easily confused.  I think it would be good if I had someone who had no potential Canadian ties.   Perhaps someone from the south.

I need someone who is a bit more warm and fuzzy than I am. Brilliant and perfect though I am, people sometimes think that I look down on them, though I of course, being completely perfect, am humbled by my own perfection.  I try and take humans as they are–in all their imperfect glory.  I think I need someone who is idealistic enough to not get that they are such imperfect beings.   Someone who has a bit more fun with them.   Someone they laugh at a bit who can be my foil.  After all I intend to rule, er govern  with an iron paw–a BENEVOLENT iron paw–but still I need someone to play nice cat.


  1. Good luck Chey in finding the right blend of charisma and charm in a VP.

    Of course you could ask Kukka…but she may be too buzy with her Empress duties.


  2. Have you talked to Chatham? He is very wise.

  3. I don’t think I would make a good VP. I would, however, make a bang-up Press Secretary. I can spin a story that will leave everyone convinced you are completely blameless (even when all evidence points to you thwapping Gemini upside her head).

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