The Slowness of Humans

I’m working on getting the woman to take more photos ofme. She has the camera now and has no excuses. She’d like to use the fact that it took her forever to scan back the real estate contract as an excuse, but I am not buying it.   She countered without the carpet replacement so we will see what these people do.  After all, it’s a perfectly good carpet that smells like cat!  Humans!

I am stretching and jumping and doing my cute pull myself along by the step things and yowling quite loudly to make sure she gets up in the morning.   I figure the more I remind her that I am waiting for portraits the more likely she is to try and get some.   Gemini no doubt will be photographed in a box as she’s always in one.   Too bad it’s not a small box, because then she could go for fitting into small places.  I’m surprised she didn’t enter that event.

I must just make large sighs and wait patiently for the humans.   Cats, as you know are very patient but my humans can try even the best of cats…


  1. Mommy says it must be a Meezer thing to pull yourself along the bottom of the stairs. She said none of her ofur kitties did this, and Me and Miles do it all the time.

    Thank you for singing for Grampa Norton today. We all sang him to the Bridge this morning – we were all there when he went. Mommy said it was important that we sing for him. – Sammy

  2. Chey

    You will have to keep after da woman to take some more stunning picfurs of you!

    It is so kind of you to make sure the bean gets up on time in the mornings, does she not realize how vital that is?


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