Raising Consciousness

The Crew has a wonderful post on how cats are completely left out of the picture in PBS special. Didn’t someone else post that someone else had a pet photo contest and the only choose dogs? Thank you Meezers–that post belonged to Beau.
I think that right now, we need to be activists to remind doggywood that cats are people too! Well, okay cats are cats and we’re better than people. I find it appalling that we are so ignored. And not just cats, but Siamese. What was up with Disney’s remake of That Darn Cat and they used some long haired cat rather than a Siamese? The Gordons wrote those books and they said DC Randall was a Siamese and his voice was an important issue in the whole darned plot! Humans need to be aware that not only are we cats, we have feelings and we DO NOT ALL LOOK ALIKE!

If this issue hasn’t been solved, I will have to make this part of my election platform. After all this is far more serious than illegal aliens (who might like cats and keep them) or the out of control government spending. I mean who care sif Dick Cheney shot an lawyer in the face? We are talking CATS here felines!!! We must take back our power.

I know, we have all gotten used to the fluffy comforters, the canned foor (stinky goodness), the ham, the massages. However, we must work on ways to raise our profile. Our ancestors worked hard to get us this life and we don’t want them to be forgotten. Let’s all raise our tails to this and think about the best way to make sure people remember us, and our histories.. and not just our owners!!!


  1. Chey, I agree completely. I think that it’s awful that cats are not shown more on TV (It was Beau that pointed out that Ellen DeGeneres wanted pictures of pets and then only showed dogs). Of course, once you are elected as President, the feline profile will automatically be raised in the public eye.
    – Sammy

  2. I’m glad someone else can see my point on this important issue. We must help you win election and promote the feline agenda!


  3. We are thinking you would make a splendid purresident.

  4. Cheysuli, you are so right about standing up for the rights of cats! BTW, do you know about Cato, the siamese cat running for govnor of Catifornia? His campaign is getting serious.

    Cheysuli, I humbly appeal to your sense of fairness. I haf been falsely accused of a crime and of framing stoopid Victor. Finny is defending Victor and forcing me to prove my innocense. Will you help me, one top lady for another? You know how it is to live with lesser felines. Fanks

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