Perhaps I ate a bit much

I am still sluggish after Gemini’s birthday over 24 hours ago. Perhaps even my metabolism has trouble with 8 pounds of ham, half a chicken, a can of tuna and three pieces of cake and licking the frosting off of everyone else’s.  Oh and then I had some spaghetti.  I’m not as young as I used to be.

I am having trouble getting my thoughts together. I had a lovely post I’ve been mentally composing on crime but it’s all flown out the window. I guess I’ll go back to my rainy window and snooze and hope that in the next few days the woman changes the litter box often and I start feeling back to my old self…


  1. I ated way to much too Chey. Mommy noticed that I hadded a hard belly yesterday and wondered if I was ok. I slepted most of the day – more than usual. I should lay of the ham for a while, but, it’s HAM. I can’t stop. – Miles

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