Odds and Ends

It was much easier to post a photo of me on Gemini’s blog than to do it here. All I had to do was talk the little cat into thinking it was her idea and that soon she’d be able to have lots of folks admiring her. I have no doubt that the woman will take many photos of me.  Here she needs a url to the photo and she hasn’t been as certain how to do that and with moving she hasn’t wanted to take the time to figure it out.

I need a human who can keep up with my superior intelligence and sometimes the woman just lets me down.

I am happy to say that the woman is feeling better.  She did get an offer on the old house though it’s a bit low. She says it’s only been 10 days so she thinks she wants to counter to something closer to her price.   I guess they want her to pay to close or something (though I am sure she closed the doors and windows–she always does!).  Obviously there is a person out there with the good taste to want the smell of cats (though I think it’s very faint).

I am off to see what I can get into. Who knows what will come out of the boxes next?  And I can get into them!


  1. we hope your momma sells the house!

  2. I hope so too. THis is quite a headache. Imagine if cats acted this way about things! Humans!

  3. I say hold out! 10 days isn’t long enough to get true interest. I also say your Mom should take more pics of you. You are truly a super-model!

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