No Spam

Hmm… Someone must have seen my website because suddenly I have been innudated with spam. They want me to advertise with them. Someone else commented and want me to surf a certain site. I realize that gorgeous as I am everyone would want to get word out about me, but I think there are better ways. No matter which address you send to, I am still not interested in spam. I am not interested as “admin” or as “billing” or as “support” or as “webmaster”. I’m not even interested if you address me by your own name.

As a cat, unless you are spamming with me “spam”, which might be interesting as I hear it’s food, or with catnip, your chances of getting me as a customer are almost zero. I certainly don’t feel a need to advertise with you. When I run for presdient, I expect that word of mouth and my loyal followers will be enough–or so I hope. I could be wrong.

Speaking of, I think I should be making a list of companies that might assist me in my bid for presidency. I am thinking Petsmart and Petco, Hill’s, Solid Gold, Royal Canin, Purina, and VCA (an association of Veterinary Hospitals). I have considered the pet insurance place, but as they have a logo with a dog eating a cat, I’m sure they’d be more inclined to help dogs than cats. There are 3 local cat veterinarians and I might surf online to get names of each and send them out a letter soliciting their support. I realize such things are just “junk” mail but it’s a way that many candidates get their message out.

So much to do. Just thinking about it makes me want to nap..

At any rate, when I am president and Sammy keeps the internet working, he can feed that spam to Miles and we won’t have to worry about it. I hear it’s made from ham, Miles.


  1. My motto is: if it rhymes with HAM, then it’s HAM. although Mommy says that could get me into some trouble, but I don’t see how. When Sammy is King of the Internet, he will get rid of all the spam – he is working on creating a huge cyber space garbage dump that will hold all of the spam. Hopefully it will dis-int-e-grate like paper and not pollute like plastic. – Miles

  2. So, what’s the difference between your junk mail and spam? Except that Miles can eat spam.
    Chey an Sammy haf my vote! Do you haf posters or bumper stickers or a button for my blog yet?
    Mom says last week we were the sole survivers found for an inheritance, an that same day she won an international lottery! So how come she wouldn’t buy us the super giant cat tower at Drs. Foster and Smith wif our inheritance?

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