More on Scent

I continue to rub my chin and my back on everything. I have discovered that I can get the floor by scratching on the bottom step and then pulling myself along with my claws… this seems to make a great deal of difference.   The other cats are working hard too which helps.

The woman was quite upset the other day because the realtor called her and despite having the carpet cleaned with a smell remover, the realtor says the place stinks because of the cats and she doesn’t know if it’s ever going to sell. I can’t imagine how that would be a problem.   After all, it should be a bonus that other folks pay extra for.  The woman was very depressed because they told her that in the last house.  No matter how much she cleans and gets the carpets cleaned they always complained.  I guess this realtor hasn’t liked her furntiure either.   She pays extra to have the house done in a special odor neurtralizer too and it does take a couple of days but she swears that realtors hate all animals–at least the ones she works with.

As a result I had to be careful about where I scented that day.  Of course, I think she was talking about the times her old cat missed the litter box and of course, being a girl, I don’t do that.

On a happier note:  I have my first cabinet appointment. Miles will be with the FDA–that’s food and drug Miles and puts you in charge of ham.


  1. Chey

    What good is a house wif out kitty smells? What is a reel-late-tor? They obviously hate cats, what good are they?

    You make a great num -in – nation…Miles is purrfect. He lovada hams and shrimps.


  2. I have no idea why anyone would like a home without a kitty smell! Odd isn’t it? I’m not quite sure what a realtor is for. I believe it is finding someone else to live in the house we vacated. Now as there are so many homeless folks, I am not sure what the problem is, but there you go. It probably has something to do with money.

    I’m glad you approve of Miles’ appointment to be.. you know I still have to win in 2008!

  3. We don’t know why anyone would want a house wifout cat smells eifer.

    I gotted the job? OH WOW!!!! MOM!! I gotted the job if Chey wins the ‘lection! I promise I will do a good job. Mom says I get to regulate catnip too! OH BOY!!!!!!!


  4. I think that realtor is just setting themselves up with a back-up excuse for when they fail to do their job well.

    A good realtor can sell ANY home!

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