Meezer Information

It has come to my attention that the Canadians are investigating Kukka Maria for passing information to some Meezers. I am very concerned and up in paw about this. After all, who could these Meezers be and why would the Canadians of all governments be interested?

Miles and Sammy and I all live in the United States, so it couldn’t be us, although Kukka Maria and I do talk. I can’t imagine that our chats are considered “passing information.” Of course, I seem to recall using the words WMD — but we were talking about William of Mass Destruction, not Weapons–and we were only saying good things about him, which I suspect could have set the NSA upon us!

Perhaps they believe there is a Canadian link to this. We did go on to chat about Fat Eric and how he would get to Gemini’s party and no doubt we are considered international terrorists now! Oh my.

I have little fear that this will hurt my campaign. Any publicity at this stage is good publicity and my campaign will set any nay sayers to the rights. Still it is troubling to consider WHAT Canadian Meezers are they looking for and could they possibly be of assistance?


  1. This is a troubling thing. I know all Meezers are all for Total World Domination, but it is supposed to be Benevolent. If the Canadian Meezers are getting poor Kukka into trouble, then we need to kick them out of the Meezer society. – Sammy

  2. I maintain that I know no Canadian Meezers.

    I have to practice being firm with this, as I’ve heard the Canadian interrogation process is brutal!

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