Lunch with My Senator

Patty was in town as the President of Mexico was visiting Seattle.    I managed to wangle my way into lunch at the Space Needle.  Patty, (Murray, our senior Senator from Washington for those who aren’t as politically active in Washington as I am) was quite put out that the elevator operators at the Space Needle seemed to think that because I was a cat I shouldn’t be allowed on.  She looked them in the eye and asked to see a manager as she was a United States Senator and having lunch with a constituent.  That shut them up.

We had lunch and while she was concerned about the pet bill, she was far more focused on the issues of immigration.  I listened to her worries and overall I thought it was a good lunch.  As I picked up the tab with my human’s credit card, I put out there that I was planning on putting my paw into the ring in 2008.

At this point, lunch started to go bad. Perhaps because I had just spent quite a lot of money that wasn’t mine on lunch with her, she felt she no longer needed to be nice. I don’t know. Perhaps she just doesn’t want to admit that she is a specist.  At any rate, upon bringing up my bid for presidency, Patty was suddenly all, well you know, it might be a bit out there and she wasn’t sure she could support me.

I sniffed and asked who she was going to support. Hilary?  As if.  I can so way run rings around that woman!


  1. How RUDE of her. Stupid speciest politicians. First they want to save us poor animals from disaster, but then they don’t want to support our bids for total world domination – oops, I mean political office. – Sammy

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