It’s About Time

The humans left us for the weekend.  The man has given the Woman some sort of case in which to house her computer.  She calls it a desk. At any rate, it prevented me from being able to turn the machine on while she was gone, so I couldn’t even blog!

Today has been topsy turvey as they bring yet more stuff for me to scent.   Fortunatley I have not run out of scents.  However, it looks like this is everything.   The woman sounds as if she is not planning on going back to bring anything else with her. Thank heavens!  I think humans shouldn’t be allowed to have so much stuff.   A sofa, a bed, a few boxes, food, a refrigerator, blankets.  What more do they need? A computer I guess so that I can blog.  They can have a television as it keeps them sedate while I do my thing.  Perhaps a few books.

I can’t imagine why humans think they need all this other stuff. Clothing?  I mean really.  Of course, then I guess we’d always see them naked and that is sort of rude.   I guess it’s best that they keep their clothing.  But not so much!  And what’s up with the file thing?  And bills?  And a phone?  And the vaccuum?  Don’t they know that you can eat stuff that gets dropped on the floor?  It’s far less intrusive and noisy…


  1. After seeing our Mommy naked, she can have as many clothes as she wants. She doesn’t, however, need 77 pairs of shoes that she never wears.

  2. This is exactly my point. If your Mommy moved, you’d have to rescent every single pair of shoes too!

  3. Whoa you should see my Momma’s room wif all her clothes. IT is a ROOM! She has so much stuff in der that it is hanging on different levels, and I can’t even get to it. Believe me I have tried. I would hate to see her move it.What’s wif these beans, don’t they realize they don’t need all dis stuff?


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