It’s About Time

I went to write my usual musings this morning and my blog was not coming up! This has happened before. The woman says that this host is rather unreliable. How did she put *my* site on an unreliable host.

I have another bit of platform for my campaign. The internet will work when I want it to work–all the time. There will be no down time for hosts. They will be required to have backup plans if something happens so that the cat world can always see my site. After all, is this not the most important thing in the world? I realize you all have your blogs and that they are impmortant too. I mean it would be almost as annoying to try and read what Miles and Sammy have to say and be unable to access their blog! As they are a blogspot blog, imagine how many others I would be unable to visit!

So, the internet must work. My site must stay up. I must be able to blog when I want to. All the time. Every day. And when I want to read other blogs, I must be able to. It will be a law.


  1. If you become president, then you can give Sammy the job of Internet King. He has been reading Mommy’s ‘puter security books, and knows what to do to avoid attacks to the websites and keep things up and running at all times. – Miles

  2. A fine idea! Now you and Sammy can help run the country together!

  3. Yes, you, me and Sammy – Meezer take over. Just part of the plan for Total World Domination by Meezers.

  4. Here here! I second that pro-pose-all!
    My Momma gets so upset when she can’t get my picfur up or ax-cess my Blog.
    Sammy is da man! You go Sammy. He’s so smart, you are wise Cheysuli to let him help run da country!!


  5. Yes! NO MORE DOWNTIME!!! I am making my signs as we speak…well, write….

  6. Nicely put, Chey! These talking points just further solidify my vote for you.

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