The man is really out there insulting me. You know how it is when you live with other cats. They think YOUR food is theirs, so you eat fast? Well I do that. Georgia and Gemini seem to think that just because we all live in the same household that when the woman puts down food from a can (which smells divine–it should be DIVINE goodness) that they are entitled to eat it too. I mean there are times when the woman holds me back until Georgia has eaten some but I’m sure that’s just because she’s not wearing her glasses and has us all confused.

But because these other cats are eating my food off of other plates, I eat my food as fast as possible so that I get what I want. The man seems to think this makes me a “pig cat.” He’s been calling me a pig cat for several days now and it’s starting to get on my nerves. He says I have a curly little tail and pig snout, which of course, we know I do not. I have a wonderful tail. Yesterday when I curled my tail around me, even the woman, who is usually much more respectful, got into things by saying, “Look she’s curling her tail. She’s becoming the pig-cat.”

The man is now calling me Chey-Sue-EE.

If only I had five main toes and not four…


  1. If that’s how they treat a noble Siamese Princess, then you can come and live wif us. Our Mommy gets the whole Meezer experience.

  2. That’s a lovely thought, Miles and Sammy. I might have to take you up on it… Like Zeus, I could take off and see the world until my humans start to really appreciate me!

  3. Chey

    Just make sure your Momma knows where you are going, can’t have another Edsel MIAC (missing in action cat) all points bulletin!


  4. All kitties am invited to mine purrthday party next month!! Puhlease come by & let us know if you will be coming & how many!

  5. Remember Cheysuli, the woman also said that Piggus Maximus was an honorific. It was like being a Roman Emperor. She does love you.

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