He’s Gone! ?

Just as I was packing my bag with food to go visit Miles and Sammy, the man packed his bag and left.  The woman says it’s temporary. His father is doing poorly.  Still I can hope that he is gone for good.  After all, before him I had a perfectly nice servile human to do my every bdding.  Now I have a woman who calls me, as Gemini so thoughtfully pointed out, “Piggus Maximus.”

Gemini may not know what that means but I do.  It is NOT an honorific.  It’s more insults.

So, I will work on getting her back to being my loyal servant and giving me more food and letting me do exactly what I want.  Humans can be so pliable sometimes.


  1. That’s horrible – he’s brainwashing her! Keep your bags packed Chey – and we’ll keep the ham and shrimps in the fridge for you. – Sammy

  2. Chey

    You must take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. Do what you have to do to regain control of your household!

    The Crew

    P.S. On the subject of spam, we’re on blogspot and with the “word verification” they have, we don’t get any spam at all.

  3. Yes, Crew Kitties, Gemini is on blogspot and it’s very nice to have no spam. However, my online presence was required to be larger and this blog is just hung off my main site where I link to everything online (that I can) that deals with Siamese cats, so I or the woman has to manually approve all comments (which is why your comments take awhile to show up). We don’t get a lot but for a few days we were getting tons–and also on the main email at my siamese as well.

  4. Hope his Dad gets better soon.

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