I think it’s time to refine some more of my platform for running for election in 2008. I am still looking for a good running mate!

Healthcare is a big one amongst humans. I think there should be universal healthcare. Cats are extrememly sensitive and how many of you sit on your human and worry until they get up to their usual routine? Universal coverage would minimize that. In fact, for those humans without cats, I think cats should be at neighborhood clinics (I am a big fan of Ken Granlund’s ideas) to help take care of humans who don’t have cats.

Of course, I don’t think humans should be the only ones covered. I think all four legged people should be covered as well, at least for a major medical policy! Think of the problems we could solve–things like parvo among the dog population and FIV amongst us cats. Early detection and being indoors could save thousands of lives! At least! So I am for that. All cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, iguanas, rats, and hamsters should be covered as kittens for major testing. Spaying and neutering would be covered and then major medical.

As I refine the pet part of my healthcare platform I wonder if I should include horses and cows and ham –err pigs, (Miles has been rather infectious, hasn’t he?). Certainly they deserve the best of care but so often they are not designated as pets. I have left birds off, however they would get major medical.

I also think any cat who does a cat scan should be reimbursed at the same rate as a doctor. After all, just because they have to go through all that schooling and we come by our talents naturally doesn’t make them any less important.

So those are my early thoughts on healthcare…


  1. we just finded out that our insurance company has a logo wif a dog eating a cat. Government health care for pets would probably be better than that. – Miles

  2. Maybe you could start holding auditions for a running mate. Surely someone in our cat blogging community has an interest in politics and could bring new ideas to your platform.

  3. like what you have to say

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