He says “compromise”

The woman told the man that I was very unhappy with the way he acted the other day.  He said his  cats never left fur all over the sheets because they only got on the covers.   He makes it sound like this is my fault for being smarter than any other cat he’s owned.  Really.

Then he says that there just need to be a few compromises. No cats on the counter.  The woman tried to enforce this before and did not succeed.   I can’t believe he thinks he’ll be any better.   Then he said, no taking food out of his mouth.   Eww.  I mean off his plate, yes, but our of his mouth?  That’s just disgusting. Who would want to put their nose in a human’s mouth?   No cat fur on his side of the bed.

In return, I get, guess what?  To learn to flip.  Gemini flips.  However the man started teaching her when she was  a very young cat.   She doesn’t even like it.  Flipping involves him holding you on your back and you stretch out so that your legs are quite long and then he tosses you right side up so that you land on the floor.   I can’t believe any cat who had not been brainwashed from birth (Gemini) would consider doing such a thing.

I am not sure what I need to do to teach him his place in the scheme of things. He seems to think he is equal to the woman.   He doesn’t get that at least she knows she’s on the bottom of the pack and we tolerate her because she feeds us.  Okay, mostly we like her.  She however understands us and makes none of these ridiculous demands!


  1. He’s going to roll you on your back and then throw you in the air? I’m sorry Chey, but that’s just WRONG. It doesn’t sound fun at all. Even my Mom thinks it doesn’t sound fun. Stand your ground Chey. – Sammy

  2. Indeed. And he speaks as if this is a privilege…

  3. Whoa nelly…don’t let him Chey. Hold firm…RUN!

  4. I think that if he is going to complain about you, the sheets and the counter, you should show him a flip…a flip off!

    Wait…we have four primary toes, hence no middle claw. Crap.

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