Best Comment

Okay we have an award to give out and a notice for the best comment received on a blog. It goes to Kukka Maria. This must be her month for winning things! She’s already won another contest this month! The best comment:

“I think that if he is going to complain about you, the sheets and the counter, you should show him a flip…a flip off!

Wait…we have four primary toes, hence no middle claw. Crap.”

The woman found that terrbily profound and also thought it was said in a very amusing manner.

Kukka-Maria’s comment just points out the real reason, I believe that humans have never taken our equality seriously.  They tell us it’s because we don’t have opposable thumbs.   I believe it’s because we have no middle claw and we can’t show our displeasure.   They laugh when we hiss.  They laugh when our ears flatten.  They take none of our signals of annoyance and displeasure seriously!   We must find a way to make up for our lack of a middle claw…


  1. That is true – our Mommy says things like “oh, you are so cute” when we hiss, and when we flatten our ears, she calls us “Yoda”. I have no idea what a Yoda is, so I don’t get the joke, but she cracks herself up with it all the time.

  2. I have extra toes, does that count for something?

    Mittens Pollypaws

  3. Why Mittens, perhaps you can be our liason with the human world!

  4. Wow! Thank you for the recognition! My mom has always told me my attitude would never get me anywhere but in trouble…I showed her!

    I think Mittens should, in fact, be our liason to the humans by giving them the bird on our behalf.

    WAIT! Bird? Where? I’ve got to go chase it!

  5. Lacking the essential middle claw, I’ve found that presenting your butt with a haughty tail flip sends the same message!

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