Back at ‘Im

Remember how the man didn’t seem to like my fur on his side of the bed?  Well the woman changed the sheets to a lighter color so he can’t see my fur so easily. HA!  Then when she was doing laundry yesterday I attacked his underwear.  Then she folded a shirt which I proceeded to lie down on and supervise her for awhile–she gets sloppy about laundry if you don’t keep an eye on her.

After she folded shirts, she folded some blue jeans to put in his drawer and I laid on those.  They were so soft that I fell asleep. Fortunately she was about done with the laundry. It’s a big job to supervise you know.  At any rate, when I woke up I decided to find her.   When we came back to put the pants away, Georgia had taken over for me and was napping on the pants.   We went out and cleaned up some other stuff.  The woman says she can now find most of her floor.   Then when we came back upstairs again, Gemini was on the pants. I leaped up and annoyed Gemini and settled back in.

Someone was sleeping in the middle of the bed on those blue jeans all day.  Try and remove THAT cat fur!  HA!


  1. Chey

    I don’t know what it is about clean laundry but it’s a cat magnet! I love laying on fresh clean clothes…and love love love the warmth of the dryer!


  2. Perfect. You should see the quilt on our bed – I mean Mommy’s bed. She should think about getting something other than dark red ‘acause it shows up our light fur really really well. – Miles

  3. I’m sure she has chosen the colors she has because it DOES show your fur off so well Miles. Not all humans are like that man…

  4. Yeah, my mom used to use just a plain, white down comforter for her bed. For some reason, she decided to buy a burgundy duvet.

    Ha ha…silly woman can see all the cat hair on the duvet almost immediately after she puts it on the bed, after washing it!

  5. Bonnie’s individual hairs are light an dark, so my beans are marked wif her wherever they go. I’m working on shedding my white hair all ofur Mom’s black pants for werk, thou. My hair’s not as long as Bonnie’s an not as stripey.

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