Another Discrimination Example

Yesterday after unloading stuff the humans decided to get a pizza from the local take and bake shop.   The woman went down and got it.  The man waited at home for someone interested in an item he sold on craigslist.  They brought it home, put it in the oven and the woman fed us–the man was supposed to.

So they ate their pizza.  They had two pieces left sitting there. I knew they were almost full.  I did not bug them about getting me a piece. I was quite polite, after all they were still eating theirs, so I leaped onto the cabinet and walked onto the stove and started to help myself.  The woman came in and yelled at me to get down!

Can you imagine?  I was polite as can be and only nibbling at a left over piece! I didn’t yell at her for not feeding me a piece on the fine china. No. I helped myself and guess what? I get yelled at.

According to her, cats don’t get pizza.   How much more discrimination can one cat handle?


  1. Her response may have been based on what was ON the pizza. Certain things can give us litterbox problems (if you know what I mean). Maybe she was just thinking of your well being.

    On the other hand, a bit of cheese or sausage would have been mighty tasty!

  2. NOT FAIR!!!!! You should go on strike!

  3. Our Mommy won’t let us have Pizza eifer. She says somefing about pepperoni farts and that we’d have to be shut down in the basement until they go away. I thought she enjoyed my various smells. – Miles

  4. She shouldn’t have yelled at you, unless the stove top was on and you couldn’t hurt yourself. We cats have feelings too.


  5. I think she is just selfish! I’ll bet she wanted that pizza as “left-overs.”

    Perhaps you should give her some special “left-overs” in the litterbox. Be careful what you wish for, humans!

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