Abby has a lovely little write up on Pets HR 3858. Please call your senators or have your humans do it. It’s a very worthy bill. If you aren’t sure how to contact your senator (Patty and I are on a “let’s do lunch” basis when she’s in state.) you can click here. Also, it’s worthwhile to add your name to the petition from the HSUS here.

My time with Air America has suggested that calling your senator is more effective than an online petition, but we each do what we can.  I’ll be wining and dining Patty at the Needle next time she’s in town.  I suppose I ought to take Maria as well.

Other than making some phone calls to Maria and Patty, I’ve had a slow day. I decided that things are settling down. I am no longer working so hard to train the man, as he seems to have acquiesed for a bit. I also have most everything scented and it’s not getting moved around so much. It is still a pig sty and the woman needs to get to work on moving stuff around. I think there’s the issue that much of the stuff is the man’s and she isn’t sure what to do with it. I guess their next move, now that stuff has been sold at the garage sale is to put storage units in the garage. She can store her work stuff that she’s not currently using and the man can store his man stuff that he can’t part with…

Gemini and I are fine with that as while they are working out there we get to explore the large empty space they call garage. It’s fun.


  1. I wish we had a garage. Some of the townhouses in our neighborhood have garages, and some don’t. Our mommy chose one with no garage. Her brain must not have been werking that day. – Sammy

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