The Move

I have decided that I must be the one to talk about the move.  Georgia was so frightened she urinated all over the woman.  Not that I am defending the woman or anything but still that seemed a bit over the top.  The woman had to stop and clean up her clothing, the carpet and the cat carrier.  Gemini hid under the blanket and was easy to catch.  I ran around the house to make sure that the woman got her exercise before driving all that way. Humans can forget things like that when they are focused on something else. 

Georgia cried a bit at the beginning and Gemini immediately hid under the towel in the bottom of her carrier.   I sat in back and I watched the road and Georgia for awhile.  We passed by the Trojan Nuclear power plant and I expounded on my views of it. I am quite upset about the way it was closed down. The power company spent lots of money some years ago to keep it open and then within six months of winning that vote they abruptly closed it down. I find that rather frightening.  Never know. I told the woman all about that.   Big Eddie was talking sports again so it wasn’t like she had anything else to listen to!

I’m here now and the house is bigger if messier.  I have lots of places to get into.  Georgia is exploring with me but Gemini  keeps hiding under the beds.  I’m not sure that youngster is up to such a move…


  1. moving is so hard. well, that’s what trixie and norton say – they said they moved about 9 times in 18 years. we’ve never moved, but they say it’s terrible. poor Gemini. She will get used to it. Glad that you’re taking charge Chey. – Miles

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