She’s Back

So there is excitement in our home as the Woman came back.  Gemini was shameless in her running down the stairs when she heard her voice and immediately coming up and bumping her legs and purring.  Any cat who was that upset about being left needs to let the owner know how annoyed they are.  What was that cat thinking?  I merely rolled on the floor and ran away the first time she wanted to massage my belly.   I needed to show her who is the boss and that she can’t just going leaving us.

I hear there is at least one more leaving time coming up. However they will be bringing back my much missed cat perch tree. I love rubbing my feet up against it and pulling in the fabric.  They have a place all picked up but there’s so much stuff here I’m not sure how it will fit.

This is one thing that I find annoying about this move.  They have so much stuff. Much of it does not even smell like me.  I scent it.  Many times just as I’ve started to get a good scent on it, it goes away.  The boxes are the worst.  I get them scented, then they go away and then they reappear but my scent is either no longer there or very much faded.  I find this troubling.  Does she really think she can get rid of my scent? How would she expect me to live here?  Whatever her plan is, I will foil it. I have unlimited scent (I think) and I will keep rubbing my body against whatever she brings into the this house (so long as it’s not a dog) and that will fix her.


  1. I think we must have unlimited scent. I hate it when new things come in the house. They smell weird and I has to rub and rub and rub until it smells right. – Sammy

  2. Sounds like lots of comings and goings…….I prefer things all mellow and calm. You keep on marking, there is no limit to the amount you can do!

  3. We don’t think cats ever run out of scent (or hair) to leave all over. Just continue marking what’s yours and eventually everything will be OK.

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