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Part of blogging is checking out your fan base and who is out there to blog to. I wandered around and surfed some cat sites from people who have been blogging before I started. I must say I had to link to William of Mass Destruction. I adore the name. It completely says who he is without apology. All cats should be like this and I am appalled at how many are not.

As for the Meezers asking those of us who are Siamese to cross our eyes, I have to point out that humans consider that a “flaw” in a Siamese. We are not supposed to have crossed eyes. I fail to see the problem with that but they do, so there you go. We are judged by their standards. At any rate, I see no reason to add a “flaw” to my otherwise almost perfect self. Yes, I have the other major flaw–a kink in my tail. Let me just say that I created my flaw myself to give me some panache.

As a young cat I was quite active and into everything (perhaps why I feel such an affinity to William) and I broke my tail. At the time, the human was my breeder and she intended to show me so that I could be award ribbons for being the grand champion that I am. She was worried that the tail would set crooked so took me to the doctor where they set it. She went off to another show with another cat (can you see it coming) and left me with her other half. I promptly removed my bandages and avoided letting him know so that he could not follow the instructions she left him for just such an eventuality. As a result my tail has a slight kink. I think it makes me more regal.


  1. Chey, we and our Mommy don’t think that crossed eyes is a flaw at all. Our Mommy thinks it’s one of the things that make Siamese – “Meezers”. She loves all of our Meezerness (even the mouthiness) Although my eyes are not very crossed, Sammy’s eyes can get really crossed when his purr machine goes crazy.
    Breaking your tail sounds painful. But nothing can take away from your Regalness. – Miles

  2. Why thank you Miles. It does sound like your Mommy is one of the more enlightened humans out there about those crossed eyes. As you know, the words flaw and Siamese in the same sentence should be an oxymoron…

  3. Well, most non-Meezer lovers are Oxes and Morons. – Miles

  4. You broked your tail?!?!!!!
    *stares at own tail*
    I gots to be more careful where I puts mine. Mom puts it in the way when I’m grooming, an then I groom it cuz it’s there.
    Maybe you didn wanna go to shows.

  5. Victor,

    I was so young, I’m sure I didn’t know what I was doing. It did hurt and I’m glad you are being more careful where you are putting yours. Just the other day the woman tried to shut mine in a drawer, with the rest of me OUTSIDE the drawer. HUMANS!

    I’m sure I didn’t want to go to shows. It would be nice to be a Grand Champion, but how much more satisfying to be Madam President. That’s a title that I will have earned rather than taking because of my superior beauty.

  6. We added you to our links. Thanks for adding us. Come by and do the Hokey Pokey with us sometime, Mittens gives lessons.

    (the Mom slammed mine tail in the door a while back)

  7. we hope moving day goes well for you Chey!

  8. Chey

    I am lucky I don’t have any tail to break. I think my brofurrs and sisfurrs are jealous of my beautiful little poof.

    **ABBY(the tailless wonder)

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