Letting my fingers do the walking

I have been pouring over the yellow pages and I have found that there are 17 exterminators in the area.  I am programming in their numbers so the next time that little rat dog shows up, they can come get it.

Georgia seems to think that an open letter to the woman will work.  Has she actually noticed how the woman makes over that little dog? She calls her her niece.  Like anyone would believe she was related to something that small.    While the little dog does have some wonderful fashion sense, if you like sweaters and pink jackets. It’s fine if it’s in it’s own car or better still far away in it’s own home.   It only becomes a problem when it’s in MY home.

Now off to chase Gemini around and perhaps show off my superior reflexes in case Georgia decides she’s going to try and make good on her threats…


  1. i hope that rat doesn’t live to where you’re moving to! that woud be bad.

  2. Oh dear, Miles and Sammy… you’ve just given me such a fright. What if it does follow me to Seattle? It can’t. ..

    I hope.

  3. When are ya movin’? It’s no fun movin. I’ve had to move three times and it’s no fun for a poodin.

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