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Well, I have decided that seeing Miles was in yowling, one of my best events, and that Sammy was in floor tumbling that I would sit this out and cheer for my fellow Meezers. After all each country only allows one representative so we don’t overwhelm the competition and I feel that as Meezers, we should all stand solidly for one another.  While I curl really well, and honestly am quite a champion, I’ll be routing for someone else.

Of course, Georgia and Gemini have entered so I can cheer them on as well.   Gemini would need such a confidence builder in this time of stress for her and she quite likes walking on narrow things and on high places.   Georgia just thinks that at her age, she’s perfected the hairball thing.   I have to admit she is rather good in a gross way.

Instead of practicing for the Catolympics, I will be researching the whole age for president thing and see what happens with that. I am only three myself but it is two years away.  I really hope I am not too young, though Meezer’s come to their wisdom very early.


  1. Chey

    What is 3 in catyears? Isn’t it like 16, or 17 in beans years? Then 5 in cat years is like 25 or so? Am I really off? Well if it is that young, we need a young president! We can change the species we can change the age too!



  2. Chey, perhaps you could be a ref or a commentator or somefing? We would hate for you not to participate because of us!!!!

  3. Instead of counting just your actual chronological cat years, you could add all the ages of your cat blogging friends. That, combined with our collective wisdom would win out over ANY politician currently in office.

    We need to put a cat in the White House!

  4. Miles and Sammy–I’m not not participating because of you! I think you are both EXCELLENT athletes. I just think my talents can be better focused elsewhere (yowling is probably a grand skill to have in the White House!)

    I like the Crews idea about adding up our years. Really there shouldn’t be an age limit on cats. We rarely live to the same number of human years as they do (and could you imagine a 500 year old cat?) and why would we want to?

    Abby and the Crew sound up to this VP thing and of course, Sammy you are welcome. I was also considering Zeus as he’s very wise as well… Of course I’ll have to have a cabinet so there’s likely jobs for all of us. Whatever have I started?

  5. Chey,
    Can I be Minister of the Department of Ham? – Miles

  6. Miles, they don’t have a department of ham. I believe that would fall under agriculture.. or food and drug. Which would you prefer? Ham before butchering (so we have lots) or ham after butchering (so we still have lots)?

  7. Oh, I love the Ham After Butchering. The Ham Before Butchering is too loud. And smelly. – Miles

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