Juggling Fame

Ah! Now that I’ve decided to run for president in 2008, I find myself wondering how presidential or pre presidential it would be to also be known as a famous athlete. I was over at the Catolympics site and was intrigued by their events.

They have curling! I curl so well–both body and tail and head and it’s tempting. Of course, as a meezer, how could I not enter into yowling? I see Miles has entered and no doubt he’ll be my toughest competition.

Gemini would do very well at the balance beam. She’s good at that stuff, but she’d have to enter by April 30th and with the move, I’m just not sure she’s up to it.

Should I just go out and have fun or will it ruin my reputation as a know it all? What would happen if, Meezers forbid, I lost?! I can’t imagine anyone curls half as well as I do, but you never know when your going to have an off day. What would my fans think?!


  1. Oh Chey, please please go sign up for the Catolympics! It doesn’t matter if you lost, your fans will still love you. We will always love you, no matter what.

  2. If your fans are like mine (relentless), it might be okay if you happened to lose (which is doubtful). Those fans who bail were not loyal and loving fans to begin with. My guess is you’ll rock out at the CatOlympics and make everyone proud.

  3. If an actor can become President, why couldn’t an athlete? Go for it!

  4. Beans love their athletes. Think of the allure of being the first ever elected athletic cat for president?


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