I’m Not Mean or Jealous

I can’t believe that Gemini went around telling everyone what I said and misquoting me too. First of all, about Kukka Maria.   I’m  not jealous.   I just don’t know what the fuss is about.  I don’t quite know what the fuss is about with Brittney Spears either but is anyone jealous of that?  How many of you think that too?

Also, anyone with fashion sense KNOWS that stripes around your body makes you look fat. If you need to look thin, then your stripes should go along your body.   Large prints will also make you look fat (Georgia).

I can’t help it that I’m a Siamese and my ancestors have been around in much the same package as I since the dawn of time. In fact, we served the gods, you know.  We guarded the temples and took in the souls of departing royalty.   Of course we are the original royal cats.   Some people are just born with blue blood and I can’t help it that I’m one of them.  Just because Gemini is an ordinary cat (if sweet but still a silly teenager) doens’t mean I should downplay my origins.  I am proud of them and rightfully so. I think all Siamese should be.


  1. Cheysuli, stripes are in this season! The runways are littered with tabby cats in their striped splendor!

    I think your heritage is great and I encourage you to brag about it. I don’t want you to get the reputation of being a Siamese Snob–or worse…RACIST–because you turn your nose up to other non-Siamese cats.

    Think of what Mark Twain once said, “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

    While it’s not official, I believe he went on to say, “And the stripes of the tabby cat are slimming.”

    At least that’s the story I’m sticking to! 🙂

  2. Far be it for me to be racist. However, I do have a proud heritage and alas, so many cats belittle themselves with their fawning. Some fawn over humans (!) but I find it frustrating that a cat would fawn over another cat–even one they hadn’t met–like Gemini fawning over you.

    Perhaps I sound harsh, but I don’t think she should limit herself. At this age she wants to *be* you, and, of course, we know that there is only ONE you as there is only ONE me (so she shouldn’t fawn over me either–how tiresome). Therefore I have done my best to try and get her to stop idolizing you and go on to be herself.

    I suppose the camera doesn’t add pounds either… hmm? 🙂

  3. Cheysuli, we are furry furry proud of our Siamese Heritage. Although being appleheads, we are a little stockier (well Sammy is FAT), but then again, appleheads were the original breed of Siamese cats, and we has the original seal point colors. We are true meezers in dis-po-sishun. We wave our Meezer flag proudly! – Sammy and Miles

  4. Welcome Miles and Sammy… Yes, even a Siamese gets fat now and then.. one nice thing about being a wedgie is that I have a metabolism to die for!

    I think that the applehead look is fine on a man–I got for that strong looking type, but I personally am proud of my fine boned lineage. I fancy sometimes that I look a bit like Bastet might have looked…

  5. Cheysuli – as a Lynx pointed Siamese, I have both the Siamese hertiage as well as stripes.

  6. Mia, the lovely thing about lynx point is that your stripes are only your face (always nice to widen those cheek bones) and lower legs and feet. Cats don’t tend to gain a lot of weight there so there’s not worry. It’s when you have those bands around your middle that the stripes stop being flattering (unless you have a purrfect figure as most Siamese do…)

  7. I fully support you encouraging Gemini to be herself, Cheysuli. She is young and impressionable cat, so it’s good for me to know how deep her idolization of me goes. Thanks for the heads-up.

    I wouldn’t consider myself “fat,” but more “Rubenesque.” You’re just lucky that you have good genes.


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