As a potential political candidate in 2008, I have decided I must address this issue of the high cost of gasoline. I think that something needs to be done and done quickly. If I am elected, I will require all cat owners who are not in service industries to work at least one day from home, thus saving on the over all gasoline usage. They must rub ears and massage backs for at least 5 minutes every hour so that they are not too caught up in the telecommute.

There are alternative energy sources. I propose to offer subsides for anyone who can create a bio fuel from catnip. Catnip is basically a weed. It smells great. How could anyone be against having catnip everywhere? I know, I came out as not using, however as political candidate I must not be caught under the influence. However, by the time they get catnip fields everywhere, I’ll be well out of office and can imbibe to my hearts content.

Finally, I am completely against drilling in the Arctic. What cat wants to be that cold?


  1. We totally support your platform Candidate Chey. Have you found a running mate? Perhaps Chatham (, a very old and wise Meezer would run wif you.
    We are also in total support of catnip fields efurrywhere. We’ll make mom start wif her herb garden.

  2. I’m glad you approve of the platform and that your human is willing to help. She’s been well trained hasn’t she? I suppose that credit goes more to Grandma Trixie and Grandpa Norton (how is he?) than to you. It can take generations to get these humans trained…

    I’ve checked out Chatham’s blog and he looks like a fine cat. I suppose neither of you are interested in the vice presidency? Of course, I’m not sure what the age level is and you might be a bit on the young side… hmm.. speaking of that *I* might be a bit on the young side. Do you suppose they count in cat years or human years?

  3. Hi Cheysuli

    Found you over at Meezer Tails (Sammy & Miles) page. Welcome to the cat blogging community. Stop over to see us.

    George, Tipper & Max
    The Crew

  4. Chey,

    We suggested Chatham because he was older than us – I (Miles) am almost 1, and Sammy is almost 2. We didn’t know if we was too young to run.

  5. Chey

    You need to appeal to a broad spectrum of con-stitch-u-wents. Look for a running mate that would com-play-ment your candidancy.


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