Another massage

I thought I needed a massage in the moring, but boy did I need one by the time the day ended. The woman had cleaning people in which meant I was banished from my favorite chair. Well they didn’t say so in so many words but they had all this stuff in my favorite chair and how was I to get comfortable.   I ended up upstairs most of the day.   I watched from the top of the stairs just to make sure they were doing the job right.  Heaven knows the woman didn’t watch them!

Gemini was quite frightened and hid under the dresser.  Georgia wasn’t happy but she was like me and sort of went with the flow.

The woman says it’s because we will be moving.   Now I  know she wants to go and live with the man but she should act more Siamese like and make him move here.  They’ve talked about his job and that he has to live there and she can work anywhere. However I think if she really cared about us, she’d find a way to make him move here so I wouldn’t have to.  It’s hard to imagine that I’ll have to be put out even more than I was yesterday.


  1. We agree. Our daddy is ‘lergic to cats, so mommy made him get a job 300 miles away so that he can only come home on weekends. it’s not like WE were going to go anywhere.

  2. Oh, Chey, you poor thing. My people moved me once when I was much younger, and although I didn’t like it, the new house was much bigger with better windows to see out. As for cleaners, like I told Gemini, be careful where you hide. My woman’s first cat was tormented by a cleaner who “accidentally” shut him in all kinds of places.

  3. My goodness Bonnie Underfoot…! Fortunately I don’t hide but keep watch as you do!

    The woman says the house will be bigger. She says there’s a ‘gas fireplace’ which I’ll like because I love hot places. She says there are more squirrels to watch in the backyard. However she also says I’ll like the man. He’s okay. He plays with my feather toy for me. He does feed me but he distracts her from me and I’m not sure that anything that distracts her from me is a good thing.

    I need an owner who is independently wealthy and can pay attention to *my* needs…

    Sammy and Miles–that seems the only logical thing for your mother to do…

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