A Good Massage makes you think

I’m having a day where I really need a good massage. The woman is working around the house and I keep trying to get in there to show her how much my back just needs a good rub but she’s not getting it. Humans are so slow sometimes! How long did it take her to get the comments on my blog working yesterday? And she even said it was an easy fix once she figured it out…

You’d think she could figure faster!

I have decided that someone needs to whip these humans into shape and I guess it will have to be me. I’m thinking of running for office, but the Meezer party isn’t well represented in congress and I’m not sure that I could anything done. The Republicans would no doubt laugh us out of there and I doubt I could even count on Ted Kennedy to speak up for me. So I’m thinking perhaps a presidential run in 2008. I can drum up support NOW and when the time rolls around I should have no trouble.

I wonder who would be a good vice president? I’ll have to go exploring those other blogs and see who has equally good managerial skills. It does have to be someone likes to stay in the background though.. And my cabinet. Who would I appoint? Decisions Decisions even with over a year to go before the real campaigning starts.


  1. What a lovely little kitty!

    Yes, human beans need to understand when we need a back rub. When I arch my back I want it rubbed and when I head butt you I want my head scritched. I get ya!

    **ABBY (the minature manx)

  2. My mommy massages me efurry morning. When she is on the persons litterbox, I get off my windowsill and jump in her lap, and she has to massage my neck and back, or I won’t let her up. Miles does not like massages too much yet, but he’s still a baby. I have to have massages at least twice a day. We think you would make a good presidential candidate. the Meezer party needs someone as smart as you. – Sammy

  3. Why thank you Sammy… Do you have any ideas for other cabinet members? I really need to get thinking about a running mate…

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