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Surfing around the blogsphere, I am amazed at the popularity of cat blogs. I started with a small one devoted to Cheysuli’s adoring little puffy cat, Gemini over on blogspot. After many comments, it’s apparent that most people write cat blogs from the point of view of their own cats.

The My Siamese blog was created to add thoughtful content of general nature but I can see that in the world of cat lovers, people love to read about the ingenious little antics of their favorite cats.

Meezer Tails talks about Sammy and Miles who are Siamese. They live with senior ginger cats in their household and their blog is told through the eyes of a Siamese.

There’s a blog by Kukka-Maria. Kukka Maria is a name I love and she’s right, if I have another girl cat, I’ll be tempted to name them after her. Her blog is Feline Empress. She writes with a suitably imperious tone and I love it when she comes by to visit Gemini.

Top Hat and Tails is about Socks, and Abby and they’ve been commenting on Gemini’s Adventures for some time now.

I find the creativity of these blogs amazing. First of all, none of my cats have small enough paws to write their own blogs. I tried to get Chey to comment but it looked like this:

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And then she left. She talks enough verbally but apparently the computer thing isn’t up to her standards. Gemini sleeps near me when the computer is up and running and I am surfing. Chey likes to get between me and the keyboard (and sometimes ON the keyboard—witness above) but she really doesn’t have any need to communicate with the bigger world.

I think my cats like to have their photos taken as they pose for various shirts and various stories that I can tell and they can go back to their naps, licking their paws and enjoying the attention.

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