The Tonkinese

Several common cat breeds are related to the Siamese. The Tonkinese is one such breed. This cat has a heavier body style and resembles the traditional or Applehead Siamese more than it’s wedge headed counterpart.

The Tonkinese is a breed that came from a mix of Burmese and Siamese cats. They have a variety of fur color including natural, platinum, champagne, blue and color points like a Siamese. Most typically eyes are an aqua or blue.

Tonkinese have an interesting personality. They are a very human oriented cat and breeders say that they love to ride in the car with their people. Walking around a show, I had several Tonkinese breeders hand me their cats asking me to hold them. These cats were content to nap as long as I was content to hold them. A cat of heavier bone structure than the Siamese, they did get heavy after awhile and my arms tired long before the cat did.

Those raised with other cats get along well and they don’t seem to have any need to be a one person cat, which many Siamese seem to have. They are smart, friendly, playful and affectionate. They are great with kids.

While many of their personality traits could be used to describe a Siamese, including stubbornness and having a tendency to rule the house, they are typically more dependent upon their human companions. They give their affections with a quickness that is uncommon in the true Siamese.

The Tonkinese is recognized by the CFA. They are a wonderful cat with a loving personality. For those people looking to branch out beyond their Siamese leanings, this could be the perfect cat.

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