Welcome to the New Blog

So this is my new blog for My Siamese. I hope to start making some changes around here and updating the site more often. This blog is the first part of that goal.

I hope to make changes to information about nutrition and find articles on the pros and cons of lots of different ideas. I like the organic, natural foods. However, there are the traditional schools of thought that like one brand and like that food to be dry. There are other schools that prefer a more natural diet, like the cat might eat in the wild. What to do?

I like telling cat stories. I have a small blog on Chey’s friend, Gemini and I’ve enjoy that and the comments.

This blog will also allow readers to ask questions or add comments to any information on here. It’s nice to have more information and to make sure that the information is accurate and that other sides of a story can be presented.

Have a nice visit.

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