Care Overview

Siamese Cat Care and Feeding
Siamese Cat care is not so different from the care and feeding of any other cat.
The Siamese is a very affection cat and loves attention, so they should be with people who have time to devote to their cats. They are active pets so plenty of room and many toys should also be included. Siamese are fine with other active cats, particularly others of their own breed. However, some Siamese can be a bit shy with others of their kind and do best in single cat households. I realize that shyness seems atypical with this vocal breed but their nature is a bit sensitive and occasionally they do better with large human families rather than other cats.
The standard Siamese in the United States is often a long, lithe cat with short fur. All cats do well with plenty of protein, but this cat should have plenty of protein and lower fat to optimize that thin look. The traditional cat, with its larger body does well on any good quality cat food.
All cats should be able to take advantage of the best cat foods on the market. Owners should read labels, avoiding those that offer by product as this is a substandard product, which includes those parts that are not fit for human consumption. Also to be avoided are chemical preservatives, such as BHT and BHA.
There is so much information and ideas out there on how to feed your cat that this is an ongoing question.

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