Sunday Guest Star

DSCF0035Once again, I was hardly lost at all when Laila and Minchie came by and said, “Chey, you are in Punxsutawney, PA and this is “The Wizard of the Weather” statue, located next to the Punxsutawney Weather Discovery Center.”

The Woman was lucky to know I was in Punxsutawney PA, which the Male insisted they visit when they were in Pennsylvania.  She liked this statue because it looked like a Harry Potter Groundhog. They had groundhogs all over town dressed up the way they have bears in Hendersonville and some places have cows or eggs or whatever.

At any rate, I don’t have to stay here any longer so I think I’ll head on home, probably through Chicago if Laila and Minchie don’t mind…


Find Chey Friday #267

IMG_4621Yo Dude! Can you help me find my way home?!

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Friday Ark

Weekend Cat Blogging

Wednesday with Chey

IMG_4251smYeah, I’m rolling around on the floor. According to Catifcation (have you pre-ordered yours?), I’m a “beach cat”, the one who lays around in the middle of everything. Where else would I lay?

Tabby Tuesday

IMG_4338smIt’s been nice and I’ve been eating more grass! I love outside. Mama doesn’t let me out much cause she thinks she has to watch me but I am a smart cat.

Meezer Mancat Monday

IMG_4314smHey, it’s finally not so hot. Anyone want to play?

Sunday Guest Star: The Chans

P7180042Well as I was at that super looking place, the Chans came by and said, “You are at the Palais des Papes in Avignon. Chey! since you’re in France, we hope you’re coming to visit us!” And they of course, were correct.

Flynn said, “The Chans were quick to find you Chey. If you are going to get lost, what better place than a palace!” And of course it was all his idea (and photo) for me to get lost there! So we must thank him for coming over and finding this excellent place for a party.

Now, for a bit of wine, a bit of cheese and a bit of snuggling on Sunday with my good friends!

Find Chey Friday #266


Well this looks like an interesting place, suited for me. But I suppose I should know how to tell my followers how to get to me. Where could I be?

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Friday Ark

Weekend Cat Blogging

Wednesday with Chey

IMG_4318smI am just going to nap until she decides to take photos of me. What is up with her? She did Gemini and Ichiro again yesterday. Just because I refused to get up and go to her shouldn’t mean anything…

Tabby Tuesday: In Honor of Smarty Pants Kaika

IMG_4367smWe are very sad today.

We all laugh about Smarty Pants Katie but it was really Mao who coined the phrase for our friend ‘Kaika.

Mama and ‘Kaika’s mama became friends on Facebook. Like many other cat people Mama has met online, Kaika’s Mama is someone she feels very intune with. She loves hearing what she is up to. They comment on posts back and forth. Mama has asked her questions when she doesn’t know the answer to something. It was ‘Kaika’s Mama who found a shaman to talk to Ichiro and he is doing so much better. We can’t say how much we appreciate that.

‘Kaika was diagnosed with FIP this week and he has crossed the Bridge. ‘Kaika was on Catster with Skeezix and Mao. We used to link to his page but things have changed at Catster and we can’t even do a search although we heard that they had suspended their plan to delete all the cat pages.

We will however share this link with his Mama so she knows how many people ‘Kaika touched just by being a smarty pants. That’s me having a bit of grass, while pondering what might be across the Bridge, even though I am young, you never know when you might have to cross. We will sing tonight for ‘Kaika so that he finds his way to the best catnip and the best napping places, while meeting all our friends that we miss so much.

This is particularly sad for Mama as her really good friend in Bend just lost her beloved Pekoe not two weeks ago. She knows how much both cats meant to their owners and how sad both must be.

Mancat Craftie Monday

IMG_4832smSo you can see here I’m enjoying some earrings. Back before BlogPaws, when Mom was coughing up a lung, Jeanie Mossa Kraft, Zevo Calamari’s person sent these earrings to the woman “for RaeLynn” a rather Bohemian soul that is in Mom’s series of books that start with Whisper Bound.

Unfortunately, she was coughing to hard to take decent pictures for awhile. During the photo shoot, I liked the ribbons. And I sat on them a lot. There were also some other goodies (and we’ll just say go here to get better images) that I kept knocking around and trying to eat and sit on and lie on and well… Mom says I may not be the best cat to model with things. Of course Chey was under the bed by that time deciding she wanted nothing to do with the camera. And I think she was afraid Mom was going to make her wear earrings. They blue does kind of go with our eyes you know…